Best Launch Exhibition - The Event Awards 
To promote the importance of ideas and creativity to a British audience, the Intellectual Property Office tasked us with creating an interactive, engaging and educational experience using the two well-known animated inventors, Wallace & Gromit.
We created Wallace's house at full size, themed each room based on types of intellectual property, created full-size and interactive Wallace inventions, created a design style for the entire exhibition, wrote and art directed the majority of the exhibits and worked closely with Aardman animations to bring the exhibition to life.
Results were amazing. We broke Science Museum records for advance bookings, were highly commended at the event awards and were given huge praise by Aardman, who said it was the first time a 3rd party agency had ever exceeded their expectations. The exhibition stayed in London for 6 months then moved to Glasgow and Manchester before taking off around the world. Plus, thousands of children learned about ideas and had a great time doing it!

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